There are several kinds of indicators that are used for different reason. The basic or the main purpose of any indicators is to indicate the user and the people about something so that they can act accordingly. For an example an indicator in vehicles we use is to tell the other vehicles and their drivers that you are going to take a left turn or right turn even when you apply brakes than the brake lights indicates that you are using brakes to slow down for any reason and this is how the vehicle next to you get control driving accordingly and the cycle goes on to the complete traffic and in result there is no accident happens. If just in case we remove the indicators from the vehicles and from the law so imagine what will going to be happened, there will be a lot of accidents and every of the one is blaming each other. So, you can now calculate the importance of indicators.

Importance of tactile indicators!

Apart from vehicle indicators which is just to giving you the concept of indicators there are several other uses of indicators that makes the user experience easier and due to which it is become very easy to understand and follow accordingly. For an example, suppose you are going in a public building for applying your passport and you do not have any idea that where to go and which way you need to take for getting straight to the office of the passport. Now, in this case either you need to ask from the help desk which obviously take an additional step and required time and the government has to set up a help desk which is an additional cost the other way is to installed a tactile ground surface indicators which help you to guide accordingly by denoting some coloured steps that is straight towards the specific destination. This is one of the examples and you can take any of your own example to understand the concept of the tactile ground surface indicators which is also known as TGSI.

What Parkers WA has to offer?

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