The driving instructor helps people to learn driving. They are skilled enough to train people who are even afraid of sitting in driving seat. The role of a driving instructor is very critical in training of a person because whatever the instructor will teach, will be applied by the person on the road. Anything if taught wrong can result in an accident and if they manage to inculcate safe driving habits I people, it will result in safe roads. The driving instructor is the key if we want to educate people about safe driving.

The job as driving instructor doesn’t seem fancy but it is critical for society. It is not easy to become a driving instructor especially when you have to teach people who to drive heavy vehicles like trucks or buses. Because of heavy vehicle training, the driving instructor needs to have valid licenses, experience for the same vehicles and certificate to train people for the same. There some basic requirements to become a driving instructor. Such as;


Usually, education is not criteria to become a driving instructor. But if you want to be an instructor in public driving schools, then they usually required a bachelor degree. But you need to acquire certifications to be called a certified driving instructor. Without this certification, you will be unable to practice your profession. As very government have their sets of training and certification requirement to issue the work permit as driving instructor. No driving school will give you a job if you don’t possess the minimum certification required to teach driving. The driving instructor must also possess a clean driving record and valid license for the vehicle for which they can train people. Even driving schools also do the complete criminal background check for driving instructors.


The driving instructors Melbourne need many skills to be good at his job. First of all, they should be patient. The new drivers are reluctant to drive and will make many mistakes in the beginning. Usually, people are slow to learn driving when they are new to the car, so the driving instructor has to be patient to take them along. Also, help them to remain calm while learning. Communication is also an important tool for the instructor, people will always prefer the soft-spoken instructor. As those instructors will able to communicate better and clearly, this will help their students to understand quickly. Driving instructor should also have quick reflexes. As when they will be driving with their students on the busy road, they have to ensure the safety of them and other people. So the instructor needs to be alert every time, to cover up any driving error done by their student.

Physical fitness

The Driving instructor must be physically fit without any disability. Needs to have proper eyesight. Because driving needs complete body and eye coordination for safe driving or to teach safe driving.